• 1936

    Lil and Ed meet for the first time

  • September 12, 1936

    Lil and Ed get married

  • October 31, 1936

    Became a part of Mary Sanders candy store

  • Around 1937

    Lil and Ed bought Mary Sanders candy store and renamed it Liled's Candy Kitchen

  • 1957

    Moved the store to its current location

  • 1971

    Liled's Candy Kitchen is sold to Bernie and Helen York

  • 1976

    Liled's Candy Kitchen is sold to Henry "Hank" Barner

  • 2005

    Vaughn and Evon Hardiman become the new owners of Liled's

  • 2021

    James Holland and Jose Chavez are the new owners

  • 2021

    Previous owners Vaughn and Evon Hardiman, and new owners, James Holland and Jose Chavez are presented with certificates of recognition by the Vallejo Mayor, Robert McConnell

Liled’s Candy Kitchen began with a love story. When Lilian Steinbuch caught a glimpse of Eilif “Ed” Jensen, it set the path for the creation of Liled's. Soon after they met, they were married and opened a candy shop that was home to delicious, handmade treats that became a part of countless laughs, conversations, and events.

Their love inspired a passion for candy making that continues to pulse through each new phase of Liled’s Candy Kitchen. Current owners, James Holland and Jose Chavez, are bringing a new energy along with them. The Liled’s experience isn’t only about the sweet treats. It’s about the giggles between licks of ice cream and the smiles between bites of fudge. One thing’s for certain: it’s the small moments that make for the best memories. 

  • James Holland

    Meet James, one of the owners at Liled's. His
    go-to treat? The Chocolate Bridge Mix. Serving as a versatile player in Liled's candy crafting, James ensures every sweet creation hits the right notes. One of his fondest memories? A childhood visit to Kendon Candies, where the magic of candy-making first enchanted him. When it comes to crafting, James's heart belongs to anything taking a dip in rich, velvety chocolate. He expresses excitement about continuing to improve his candy-making skills and invites everyone to join on this delectable journey into a world of chocolatey bliss!

  • Jose Chavez

    Meet Jose, one of the owners at Liled's. When it
    comes to his favorite treat, you can count on Jose indulging in a cup of delicious frozen yogurt. In discussing childhood memories, he shared that they take him back to family visits to a neighboring town for holiday shopping. Jose vividly recalls the candy displays featuring Whirley Pops and twinkling lights, leaving a lasting impression that still resonates today. Fast forward to the present, and Jose has become the go-to guy for whipping up the best peanut and cashew brittle. Crafting these sweet delights isn't just a job but a true passion for him, and he's excited to share these nostalgic flavors with you.

  • Asia Bealer

  • Kanami Robertson

  • Diya Fletcher

  • Evon Hardiman